See crop yield first

We bring you yield intelligence that is not available from conventional government and industry providers.  

A clearer, earlier look at crop yield 

We process very large quantities of satellite imagery to give you near real-time estimates of crop yield. These estimates, as well as a suite of deep analytical tools, are available via a fast, modern web interface. You can use these tools to monitor crop yield at the national, county, and field level.

Our approach gives you snapshots of crop yield much more frequently than government reports and crop tours. We also provide you with a technological advantage over conventional satellite data providers, whose offerings are not designed with commodities markets in mind.
Crop Yield Prediction
See running estimates of yield in bu/a. Easily compare today's crop with previous years or 5 and 10-year averages.
Early Season Accuracy
Get a better look at yield earlier in the season. Compare with historical yields at every point in the season across the past 10 years.
Every Farm
Our models watch crop conditions on every farm in the continental United States.
Field-level Monitoring
Watch crop conditions and get yield estimates at the national, county, or field level. Monitor a 50-mile radius or a single field.
Proprietary Technology
We make extensive use of deep learning neural networks to generate our results. Our approach is proprietary and not available elsewhere.
Web-based UI
A fast, easy-to-use web interface makes our crop yield intelligence very accessible. Get a quick snapshot from our dashboard, or perform deeper analysis with our maps tools.

By observing crop conditions from space, it is possible to see the bigger picture before it is obvious to other market participants.


Get the bigger picture, faster

We understand that this is a highly competitive landscape, and therefore the principal benefit we provide is to outperform other sources of supply information. As weather patterns become less predictable, better tools are needed to keep up with conditions that are increasingly volatile. The tools we provide are designed to address this challenge.
- Faster, better snapshots of crop yield
- Get insight before government and industry reports
- Early-season yield estimates
- See what other users of satellite imagery are seeing
- Proprietary estimates, not available elsewhere

Our Team

A diverse team

We bring together a multidisciplinary range of experience including image processing, GIS, machine learning, and plant ecology.  Our leadership represents decades of experience in the areas of enterprise software and startups. With offices in Chicago and Minneapolis, we are located in the historic heart of the agricultural commodities trade.

Please drop us a line if you would like to discuss how our technology might meet your needs.  You can reach us using the contact info below.  We look forward to talking with you.
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